Sunday, October 2, 2011

Air transport step up pressure on EU over carbon tax

Warned international airlines from the EU risks a trade war is imminent if the European countries move ahead with plans to impose a tax on carbon emissions, those companies with the passage of aircraft through the atmosphere of the continent.

According to CNN on its website that it is expected to take effect this tax with effect from the beginning of December next and provides for the purchase of airline permissions for each ton of carbon dioxide resulting from its operations over a specified share.

The airline said that it would lead to higher costs and increases the pressures of the global economy staggers.

He said the air transport industry that the EU risks threatening the airlines found to be in violation of rules and sanctions range from fines and stop the flights.

And denounced the Director of the International Association of Air Transport Tony Taylor, European decision, saying that while he believes the European Union in the draft exchange of greenhouse gas emissions as a policy environment perceived as the rest of the world as a violation of sovereignty.

And joined the airline Asian criticism of the EU move, and said Biasfasta Rmanand Prime airline Thai Tai that if you start other governments in the application of the tax Vstndjem total chaos as the EU needs to consider the matter more positively, or stay until the end of life in a war with the aviation industry.

Europe responded to the criticism by pointing out that the project Walid lengthy consultations took several years with the air transport sector which has been listening to his objections.

Said Mary Veronica Tovsak Beltrski director of the international carbon market of the European Union that Europe heard and been listening since the start of policy design since all legislation in Europe started in consultation with stakeholders and this is applicable to the legislation, noting that the legislation was proposed after the failure of the aviation industry to agree on alternatives to reduce carbon emissions, despite 15 years of talks through the International Organization for Civil Aviation.

The European Court of Justice regarding the law that was adopted in 2008 after a legal challenge filed by the American Association of Air Transport and American Airlines, Continental and United, claiming a violation of international law and the Charter of Chicago, which regulates aviation rules in the world.

The European Union announced on Monday that the airline will receive a free 85 percent of carbon emissions permits for next year down to 82 percent from 2013 to 2020.

The aim of the European plan to address the growing emissions from aviation, amounting to $ 500 billion, constituting about 2 percent of the emissions of greenhouse gases.


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