Sunday, October 2, 2011

Philippines faces two hurricanes in one week?

Sought by the authorities in the Philippines on Sunday struggled to reach areas in the northern provinces of the island of Luzon, which saw strong hurricanes in less than a week as fears of a third storm off the coast.

إعصار في الفلبين

The National Agency for the disaster that a woman was killed when the storm occurred Nagaa on Saturday despite reports from provincial officials the fall more of the dead.

When the hurricane occurred Nagaa the country were not recovered after the storm Nissat, which took place on Tuesday, killing at least 52 people.

30 people still missing after Hurricane Nissat agency said disaster that flooded a number of towns and villages.
The succession of hurricanes to isolate the parts of several regions because of the closure of roads and power outages and the threat of a tornado a third time later this week means the need to speed delivery of relief supplies.

The storm swept through the province of Isabela Nagaa producer of rice and the Cordillera mountain and led to power outages before they leave the west coast and heading towards Vietnam.

He continues, officials have another storm formed off the east coast of Luzon was hit later in the week.

The agency said that the volume of disaster damage from Hurricane Nissat reached 6.7 billion pesos (155 million dollars). Provided more than 180 thousand people to shelters in dozens of towns to the north of Manila. There is no preliminary estimate of the damage caused by Hurricane Nagaa.


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