Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bacteria "Listeria" Bachammam cause poisoning in seven people in America


U.S. authorities announced a few days ago for the registration of a number of cases of poisoning bacteria, "Listeria", which is known Boaradha disturbing, such as high fever, muscle aches, stiff neck, and the abortion of pregnant women and others.

According to the network, "CNN's" American he was barely Americans pick their breath from the panic that accompanied the spread of food poisoning, from eating food contaminated with the bacterium "E. coli" or "Salmonella", so the authorities announced the emergence of new infections result from eating food contaminated with the bacterium "Listeria".

The officials in the state of Colorado that the health authorities in the state and found a relationship between the nine cases of this type of bacteria, was recently announced, including the deaths of at least one, and intake of fruit melons, but not confirmed officially from a specific source has led to the emergence of these cases.

The network pointed out that the injuries were not confined to the state of Colorado alone, but extended to a number of neighboring states, including Texas and Nebraska.

The number of cases of infection with the bacterium "Listeria" that are recorded each year in Colorado, about a dozen cases, but the nine cases that have been discovered recently, all of which appeared during the months of August and September.

The management of Colorado's health and the environment that these cases have emerged in the provinces of Adams, Arapahoe and Boulder, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson, and Arimir, "and Oeld, in addition to El Paso County, noting that the age of patients ranged between 30 and 90 years, the majority of women.

All patients underwent in Colorado for treatment within the state's hospitals, and although the local authorities announced the death of two of them, but they confirmed that only one case is the result of infection with the bacterium "Listeria".

Said Dr. Chris Urbina, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment Colorado "Although the investigation into the source of the spread of Listeria infection continues, it is best to avoid eating cantaloupe."

It is noteworthy that the symptoms of infection with Listeria, the high temperature of the patient, feeling a sharp pain in the muscles, and can include diarrhea, headache, stiff neck, sometimes causing injury and loss of concentration and nerve spasms.

The symptoms may be caused by serious disease, "Allisteriocis" as a result of infection with these bacteria, the pregnant women, either premature delivery or abortion, or the death of the fetus inside the uterus.

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority
Emphasizes free markets, the emirate of melons, "U.S. Kantalub"

Confirmed the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority today that markets are completely free from the emirate melon (Kantlob) received from the United States of America.

Said Mohammad Jalal Al Reyaysa director of communication and service to your community of Abu Dhabi Food Control device that device aware of developments that began on July 31, USA and there is no reason to make any decisions in this regard because the contaminated product was distributed internally there.

He added that the device Reyaysa As usual follow all the developments in this regard where the evidence indicates to a decline in the incidence and mortality in the United States and not to expand it to other areas .. Reassuring all consumers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that the melon fruit on the market completely intact.


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