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Bad breath why silenced by the (human health, starting from the teeth).

Many complain of people in every country in the world of smells breath Unfortunately most people do not care about what comes out of foul odors from their mouths when approaching another person or speak with him

This topic is very important to you, O man, adjacent to all the time your brother man, either in work or travel or with your spouse or with your friends

Vthag just that everyone you Sinfr
And moves away from you
And make it difficult for most people the advice in such situations

Because the majority Staand stresses cleaner mouth
And good smell
And convey to you from the site of the validity of this section about the health of the mouth

Oral reasons, includingNeglect in hygienePoor oral health and oral diseases such as tooth decay discarded without treatment, abscesses and dental disease Suppurations nose, pharynx, maxillary sinus and sore tonsils and adenoidsConfined to waste food between the teeth and bad positioning devices, bridges, industrial bad bad manufacture; etc. ..General reasons includeRespiratory diseasesDiseases of the digestive system: satiety, liver diseaseMetabolic diseases: diabetesBlood diseases and nephritis

Some of the reasons oral, including:

The role of smoking

The effects of smoking on the mucous membrane notice when smokers severely occurs at the beginning mucositis and increased keratinization and mucous glands in the back of the palate to become huge and can be blocked Oguenitha circle and can be caused ulceration and atrophy of the Acaridae on the tongue, this is not the amount of damage the smoke only but such a case of bad breath felt by each of the approaches of the smoker and lead to alienation from it, except for discoloration of the teeth ..

Sunni industrial devices

Devices should be cleaned thoroughly after every meal should also be removed during sleep to prevent bad breath and placed the device at night in a small container of water on some of the lye water, oxygen, such as oral ...

The results of a sediment Kulhah

The neglect of calculus and not remove lead to non-alert and activate the margins gums by food occurs twice gum Vtnfz the bacteria and become infected will become papillae periodontal red fragile soft bleeding caused the bad smell and taste unpleasant in the mouth so you must remove the calculus at the dentist because it is hard not to remove brush normal and then follow the patient's teeth cleaned daily and after each meal so as not to precipitate a new layer calculus Mona and hardened by the day ...

Address the evaporation

For reasons of public evaporation must know the reason, whether respiratory or digestive or inflammatory tonsils, etc. ...
Address the odor from the mouth causes oral effective and often heals take care of oral hygiene and the dentist can address the pathological tissue and deleted the bad factors that cause collected food waste and directs the patient to the method of cleaning between the teeth. And must resort to the use of oral washes, mouth wash, especially those containing antimicrobial agents to remove the smell of the mouth is disturbing for a period not less than two hours, a temporary reduction of bad breath.

And logic required to remedy the situation by removing all the reasons affecting by the dentist and the anti-evaporation are many, and the impact of a chemical or mechanical in modifying chemical reactions resulting from the decay and fermentation of the foreign materials in between the teeth and under the caries and bad areas of inflammatory gum, and these drugs oxidants and absorbents coal, chlorophyll and acid and chlorine-free materials, and materials proven remember:
Water oxygenThe aqueous solution of 3% topical affect the bacteria, a weak antiseptic, anti-Yun oxygen quickly Vijrb residues and teeth whitening is used in the anti-evaporation and in oral infections and gum different.
It is absorbent, chlorophyll is found in green plants such as lettuce and spinach. Intervene in the chlorophyll oxidation Feinst living cells, which helps to speed the healing of wounds and sores, and modify foreign objects that are a cause of bad breath enters the chlorophyll in the installation of some Sunni pastes has proven to be able to remove these pastes evaporation within two hours of brushing teeth.

Finally, it must be said some of the foods that send a bad smell in the breath of eat, such as onions problem has been solved in part by eating lettuce leaves that go a little smell because they contain chlorophyll. Due to the reluctance of some to like eating onion said the important nutritional value and its ability to kill germs huge settlement in the mouth and intestines has been shown that it contains iron, phosphorus and vitamin A in large quantities. The garlic is Kalpsal in terms of the ability to kill bacteria because it contains allicin, a substance rich in phosphorus and calcium, which makes his feature activated

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