Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Deployment of renewable energy solutions

Since it had succeeded, the United Arab Emirates to host the "International Agency for Renewable Energy" (Irina) in 2009, and spares no effort in providing the necessary resources all before it, to turn in the dissemination of renewable energy solutions, as the energy of the future, which are indispensable for the countries of the world whole, especially the developing countries that face increasing challenges in the energy influence in her development.

In this context, the meeting of the "Irina" recently, and was devoted to discuss the development strategies of the African continent, and to pave their economies to address the constraints that hinder the deployment of renewable energy solutions. The continent of Africa a high priority in the Plan of Action, "Irina," not because they are losing billions of dollars annually due to lack of renewable energy projects, but because it has a lot of capacity large that allows it to meet its energy needs by relying on its abundant resources of renewable energy sources as well, as has solar energy that can ensure the supply of electricity without the need for costly investments to develop infrastructure and distribution networks, which are also available geothermal energy resources to ensure a good supply of electricity.

The attention paid "Irina" for the deployment of renewable energy solutions in the countries of the African continent, and help them develop their strategy in this regard, in line with the overall thrust of the UAE and its leadership to help developing countries acquire the capacity to enter the era of renewable and clean energy, through the "Fund Abu Dhabi Development ", which allocates $ 350 million to help accelerate the deployment of clean energy solutions and technologies in these countries.

The leadership role played by the UAE in the deployment of renewable energy solutions in the countries of the world,

originally based on elements of several major, first, that the UAE adopts a comprehensive and integrated approach for the construction sector, renewable energy and clean knowledge-based, through several initiatives initiative "Masdar City "which will be the first city in the world free of carbon emissions and waste, and establishing the largest wind power plant in the Middle East on the island of" Sir Bani Yas, "and interested in solar energy. At the same time, investment in renewable energy and clean to be high among the areas of investment in the national economy. Second, the considerable support of the UAE's "International Agency for Renewable Energy" (Irina), and provide capabilities and capacities of human and material and technical resources required for success, and to support its strategy, objectives and future plans to become an international center in the field of renewable energy and associated research.

This is no doubt that it would give the Organization the effectiveness of the concrete in the development of renewable energy in an advanced position on the map sources of energy in the world. Third, the capacity of the UAE regulatory big in hosting major events on the discussion of the issues of renewable energy, and uses widely, and most prominent of these events, "World Summit on the energy future," hosted by the UAE since its inception in 2008, and discussed through many of the pressing issues in the field of energy such as climate change, and the use of alternative energy sources, and others, and this is undoubtedly of great importance is to provide an opportunity for communication between individuals and institutions working in the field of renewable energy, and promote international partnerships in this vital area. 

For all this, the UAE has become a regional hub and an important international in the field of renewable energy.

Bulletin "News time" published by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

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