Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Five most dangerous foods on human health!!!

French fries:

Contain potatoes fried at a high level of calories and fat, which contains 1 gram of fried potatoes, more than 3 calories and more than 51 grams of fat addition, the exposing potatoes to high temperatures in frying leads to the formation of compounds "Aalakouglamed" and which is compounds carcinogenic to animals and most likely for humans as well and when you add salt to the fried potatoes, it also become harmful for those suffering from high blood pressure, and believed that the slice of sweet potato may be more damage from a single cigarette.

Soft drinks:

The soft drink is a healthy and nutritional value low for many reasons in addition to that it contains high amounts of caffeine they contain a large amount of sugar to one pack of soft drinks, "diet free of Alsek and calories but they contain sweeteners artificial unhealthy, especially if consumed high quantities on the other hand contain soft drinks large amounts of phosphorus, which adversely affects the calcium balance in the body and this increases the probability of infecting a person with osteoporosis has been linked to many studies consumption of soft drinks raise risk of broken bones as well as diabetes type II.

. Foods that contain artificial dyes:

With the natural colors in vegetables and fruits is a vehicle with anti-cancer properties, but the artificial colorings in the juice stained Sucker clothing, ice cream color is in most cases, chemical compounds have damage to serious health ranging from causing tumors and difficulty in concentration sensitivities of the various defects in the thyroid gland.

4. Such as internal organs (liver, spleen, kidney, tongue, Alkrchat)

The internal organs of all animals contain very high amounts of Alkolstorl which contributes to hardening of the arteries narrow, and are advised to consume the internal organs in the intervals not exceeding four times a year by persons who either suffer from high cholesterol level advised to be dropped to avoid Aldakhilh member.

5 solid fat at room temperature, such as plant and animal obesity, butter and margarine:

That these types of solid fats raises the level of LDL cholesterol and this is contributing to the hardening and narrowing of the arteries, it is advisable to refrain from the consumption of fat and avoid foods that contain like most kinds of sweets Eastern and Western the other hand are advised to replace the fat, solid fat, liquid, such as other vegetable oils, especially oil olive, which is the best.

With regard to Balmadan and obesity plant although it is free of cholesterol because it is vegetarian but not less harm to the butter and obesity, the municipality, because the installation of fat causes hardening of the arteries in addition to that created many of the studies the relationship between the consumption of solid fats and the prospects for a higher risk of developing diabetes type II.

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