Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pollution incident in a position to deal with nuclear waste in Belgium

VIENNA (Reuters)


  The agency said the International Atomic Energy Agency on Wednesday that the UN inspectors and two others are being screened due to exposure to radiation after the "pollution incident" in the facility to handle nuclear waste.

The agency as saying that the Belgian authorities say he did not leak radiation into the environment after the accident, which occurred Tuesday afternoon at a facility in the area of ​​Diesel Balijobrosis North.


She said in a statement: "The inspector, accompanied by an inspector from the institution and the employee of the Euratom Balijobrosis conducting a routine inspection at the facility when the accident occurred."


The agency, based in Vienna as saying that the three have passed the "de-pollution measures the outside" and underwent medical examinations and are now determining the level of exposure to radiation.


"The Belgian authorities reported that the accident area was cordoned off there was no radiation leak to the environment." He is expected to begin soon in the decontamination facility.


The public fears for the safety of nuclear power has increased around the world after the incident of the power plant in Fukushima, Japan in March, the worst nuclear disaster in 25 years.


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