Sunday, October 2, 2011

China is holding more than two thousand people in the campaign for the safety of food?

BEIJING (Reuters)


Said state media reported on Monday that China has detained more than two thousand people and seized tons of contaminated products and closed more than five thousands of a company in a five-month campaign to deal with the problems of food safety, but the road is still bumpy.The news agency quoted China's Xinhua from an unnamed official of the Food Safety Commission of the Cabinet "has achieved remarkable success last campaign. But this is just the beginning."

The official said "should not be exaggerated in the evaluation of this campaign. We can not lower our guard or sit back and we must be aware of the nature of the problem of food safety complex and long-term and to remain on high alert."

He added: "We must continue to pressure and should not give any opportunity for criminal elements."

China is struggling to rein in health and safety violations in the food sector, despite the harsh sanctions and repeated commitments to confront the problem.

Since July, Chinese courts have sentenced at least 12 people, including one who was sentenced to death suspended for their involvement in the production or sale of pork contaminated with toxic chemicals.

In the latest scandal involving food safety authorities have detained 32 people for their role in making and selling tons of cooking oil previously used and re-packaged and offered for sale as new.

In 2008, six children were killed and at least satisfactory about 300 thousand children from drinking milk contaminated with melamine, a substance added to milk to give misleading results in tests of high protein.

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