Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UAE the world's most attention the renewable energy sector

"News time":
UAE the world's most attention the renewable energy sector

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

(MEES) confirmed "news time" that the UAE is one of the countries most interested in the renewable energy sector in the world, noting that the State has carried out many projects and initiatives in this regard, it expanded to rely on solar energy as an energy source and implemented a number of projects for the production of biofuels and the development of communities urban sustainable source in the capital city of Abu Dhabi and the project "Sustainable City" to be implemented in Dubai.

According to the bulletin issued by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, that the State intends to direct more attention to this promising sector in the coming years, and it seems clear from the "investment map" launched by the Ministry of Economy has recently aimed to stimulate new investment to take advantage of opportunities for future investment in this sector.

Under the title "UAE and renewable energy," said the investment in "renewable energy" is a means of transportation used by the global economy to move from present to future. She explained that the sources of "renewable energy" has a number of features not available to traditional sources of energy upon which the global economy almost entirely in the present, and if the world was able to employ these features will be fully able to overcome the major challenges that stand in the way of the future.

The bulletin pointed out that the sources of "renewable energy" are the sources are not subject to depletion at all which makes it like a panacea for the problems are all related to the security of global energy, which is threatened by problems of instability under the adoption of the current traditional energy sources that no matter how long for which they must be doomed to depletion in the end. She added that in addition to that with renewable energy sources as sources of clean and produce no environmental contaminants, which gives it an absolute advantage as a panacea for the problems of environmental pollution and climate change suffered by the world at the present time by the adoption of the almost complete on the traditional energy especially coal and oil. Showed that this means that investment in "renewable energy" is like investing indirectly in the energy security and building a way to move to a more cleaner, in other words, is an investment in building sustainable development.

And felt that this fact is what has made the world compete with each other in spending on projects "Renewable Energy", which shows its features in the rapid growth witnessed by this spending from year to year, where the world spends now on these projects, about $ 211 billion per year estimated more than five times what was spent for the same purpose for about five years, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, to complete the same approach, it is expected that this sector receives investments estimated at 1.5 trillion dollars over the remaining years from now to 2020.

And confirmed the "breaking news" at the conclusion of an editorial that the goal of understanding "sustainable development" ranks high among the objectives that seek "investment map" UAE to recognition, and it seems clear from the investment opportunities contained in this plan within the sector "renewable energy" which is aimed at attract an estimated $ 100 billion of new investment to this sector of which approximately half of the solar energy projects and waste recycling and about a third in the draft Sustainable Cities and the remainder goes to improve the efficiency of energy use and recycling of water.

They expected that the state can make the investments in important strides toward transforming its national economy to a clean and sustainable.

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