Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Drug-resistant TB spreads at risk in Europe

Britain introduced a program to do X-ray examinations of domestic



World Health Organization warned of the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis at an alarming rate throughout Europe.

Showed the FAO estimates that there are about 81 thousand TB in Europe each year do not respond to treatment with antibiotics.

The organization says that the disease develops which is more acute in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

The British capital of London most affected countries in western Europe, where the record where three thousand and five hundred new cases per year.

Experts attribute the increasing incidence of resistance to non-completion of patient-dose therapy in the belief Bashvaúhm of the disease.

And d see. Ibrahim Abu-Bakr, an expert in TB control efforts, FAO said although these numbers are few, but reflect a noticeable increase in the last ten years.

He also emphasized that no organization can feel satisfied with the efforts to combat the disease.
The Abu Bakr that the cost of treatment per case could escalate to reach hundreds of thousands of pounds.
He also pointed to the importance of focusing on efforts to prevent transmission of the disease.
He urged the doctors and staff in emergency departments more cautious in dealing with cases that are suspected of being infected with TB.

Referred to the TB infection is transmitted through the air and causes of death in about 7 percent of the cases, while the mortality rate among patients who made up in their bodies resistant to treatment rises to 50 percent.

The organization commended the efforts of Britain, which now offers new services to fight TB, including use of mobile units for the X-ray examination to visit patients at home.

Some experts believe that control efforts should not focus only on immigrants, or prison inmates, but will expand to include all those who are most vulnerable to injury

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