Monday, October 3, 2011

Three scientists have uncovered new secrets of the immune system win the Nobel Prize for Medicine?

Win Butler and Steinman Hoffman and the Nobel Prize for Medicine

Stockholm (Reuters)

Won three scientists uncovered the secrets of the immune system in the new Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 2011.

He said Sweden's Karolinska Institute, which grants the award on Monday in a statement that the award went to Bruce Butler of the U.S. and Jules Hoffmann was born in Luxembourg and based in France and Ralph Steinman Canadian-born resident of the United States.

The institute said in its statement "The latest winners of the Nobel Prize this year, a revolution in our understanding of the immune system through the discovery of the principles are important for its activation."

And Butler and Hoffman shared half of the prize and value of ten million Swedish kronor (1.46 million), while Steinman received the other half.

The work of three scientists central to the development of improved vaccines against infectious diseases and modern approaches to fight cancer. He also contributed in their research to lay the foundations for the development of a new group of so-called "therapeutic vaccines" that stimulate the immune system attacks the even tumors.

It also provided a better understanding of the immune system compound in humans, new keys for the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis through which components of the immune system attacking the body's tissues.

And the Nobel Prize for medicine is usually the first awards to be announced each year. Began in 1901 Awards on the achievements in science, literature and peace in line with the will of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite.

Came in the reasons for granting the prize to three scientists that they have a long research on the immune system in humans and animals and how they responded to the defense against bacteria and other microorganisms.

A statement from the institute, said Butler and Hoffman discovered proteins that can identify the recipients of micro-organisms that attack the body, which is active "natural immunity" is the first step in the reaction of the immune system.

The statement added, "Ralph Steinman discovered the branching nerve cells in the immune system and its unique ability to activate the adaptive immune regulation is the next phase reaction of the immune system by which rid the body of micro-organisms."

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